Only The Best Dream

The beginnings of our activity began in 2010 with the production of ordinary granulated pillows and activities only on the local market.

After seven years, we have our own machines for the production of silicone balls and automatic pillow ejection.

We also have our own line for the production of quilt liners, thanks to which we have the ability to adapt the filling composition to the customer and his quality and price requirements.

Thanks to our production line, we are an independent company from other suppliers, which also allows us to reduce production costs due to the possibility of bypassing intermediary companies and carrying out the entire production cycle at our place in one place.

In our company, we offer everything that everyone can need to get a great night’s sleep. From luxury quilts to specialized pillows for people suffering from allergies or back problems. What is equally important, we offer products in various price options, we will adapt to every budget.

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