At Kampol, we produce everything you need for healthy sleep. From plump pillows to quilts where you forget about the world, through mattress protectors or orthopedic pillows.

With such a diverse offer, we will meet the expectations of every customer. For production, we use synthetic or natural fibers depending on the purpose and type of product.

Detailed product descriptions and their properties can be found in the links below.

MICRO quilt

Our microfibre quilts are very well fitted to the sleeping man’s silhouette, thanks to which they provide perfect warmth. Microfiber is also a highly breathable material. It is not slippery like silk or artificial, making it 100% breathable.
You can also recommend it as a product for allergy sufferers, as its structure is a barrier to dust and mites. Microfiber alone does not cause irritation or allergies.

Bambooo quilt

The new generation, ultra-light filling guarantees proper air circulation and maintenance of optimal body temperature during sleep. Excellent buoyancy, softness and elasticity of fibers are the characteristic features of BALL SOFT fillings, ensuring the highest comfort of use.
Natural bamboo fibers make the quilt very durable, so using it will not be so pleasant, but you will also be able to enjoy its properties for a very long time.

Micro quilt

This family of products is addressed to customers who value quality comfort who want or need to take care of health but also having the good of their wallet in mind.
All products in this series are machine washable and are recommended products
allergy sufferers. Sheathing comes in different variants depending on the customer’s preferences. The filling is a down silicon combed fiber, more fluffy, with no visible twisting. Advanced production technology guarantees long-term preservation of properties.
The filling is durable, not susceptible to deformation, abrasion, bending and tearing. They are characterized by resistance to light, chemical and biological factors. It is characterized by high air permeability, does not absorb water, is susceptible to washing at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

Polyester quilt

The quilt and pillows are made of a fabric with a dense weave, which guarantees that the filling does not pass. They ensure pleasant and healthy sleep, protect against mites and bacteria.
The quilt is filled with 64mm polyester fibers, which ensure extraordinary elasticity. It has an evenly distributed filling thanks to a special machine. Thanks to very good quilting, the filling does not shift. The quilt always returns to its previous shape.

DeLux quilt from down

Warm, fluffy, from the best goose down, white. Down has special insulating and hygroscopic properties. Quilts containing Puch are recommended for demanding people. Recommended for people who freeze during sleep. Such a quilt also prevents the development of rheumatic diseases.

fabric: down-tight antiallergic cotton
contribution: 100% white goose down
construction: coffered structure, no cold zones

Traditional quilt with half down

A traditional down quilt is a high quality product. Lightweight and very elastic duck down was used as the filling. The fluff used has a high insulation factor. The filling has been washed with an ecological system, which ensures better properties, exceptional purity and no smell.

Product Details:
• fabric: hypoallergenic down-tight cotton
• execution: coffered structure, no cold zones
• contribution: half goose down

Wool quilt

Wool quilts are also particularly recommended to people
with rheumatic ailments and for those who sweat excessively.
One-layer universal quilt for the whole year.

Quilt four seasons
The Four Seasons Quilt consists of two independent, quilted quilts with the possibility of joining them together. Thanks to this, we get a summer quilt and a spring-autumn quilt, which are fastened together to form a warm winter quilt. The quilt is extremely light, airy and fluffy, and at the same time it perfectly maintains heat throughout the entire surface. It’s an anti-allergic quilt in microfibre sheathing. Filled with tubular, spiral, polyester-siliconed fiber. Available in white, pink or ecru

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