Warm and durable

At Kampol, we produce everything you need for healthy sleep. From plump pillows to quilts where you forget about the world, through mattress protectors or orthopedic pillows.

With such a diverse offer, we will meet the expectations of every customer. For production, we use synthetic or natural fibers depending on the purpose and type of product.

Detailed product descriptions and their properties can be found in the links below.

Micro cushion:


The MIKRO cushion cover is a special type of micro fiber, which is created using modern technologies, consisting of a mixture of very thin fibers. The most important thing is, however, that the fibers obtained in this way are 10 times thinner than silk, up to 30 times thinner than cotton, 40 times thinner than wool and 100 times thinner than human hair! The pillows are filled with artificial down – silicone ball fiber. These balls are characterized by exceptional lightness, Ball fibers provide exceptional lightness and fluffiness, and the application of silicone preparation strengthens the elasticity, making them a good support for the neck. The pillow is soft, elastic and does not clump during use.

DeLux cushion:


The DeLux cushion cover is a special type of micro fiber covered with micro printing on the entire surface of the material, which gives it an elegant and prestigious appearance, there are two micro printing patterns visible in the pictures. The material has the same properties as microfibre.

The pillows are filled with HCS 7D 32mm virgin silicone fiber. Silicone fibers are in the form of balls with a diameter of about 0.5 cm. Thanks to the air ducts and torsional crimping, the ball perfectly adapts to the shape of the body.

Bambooo pillow

The unique pillows of the BAMBOO series are delicate and comfortable made of modern cotton and bamboo fabric. Filling with DREAMBALL fiber is safe for allergy sufferers, ensures healthy and comfortable sleep.

The main features of this line are:

naturally antibacterial, bactericidal and health-promoting properties of bamboo fabric
the combination of the best features of bamboo and cotton ensures excellent softness, delicacy and extended durability
breathable fabric, thanks to cotton and bamboo fibers, which have numerous micropores
air circulation at the highest level, preventing overheating

Antiallergic pillow:

This family of products is addressed to customers who value quality comfort who want or need to take care of health but also having the good of their wallet in mind.

All products in this series are machine washable and are recommended products
allergy sufferers. Sheathing comes in different variants depending on the customer’s preferences. The filling is a down silicon combed fiber, more fluffy, with no visible twisting. Advanced production technology guarantees long-term preservation of properties.

The filling is durable, not susceptible to deformation, abrasion, bending and tearing. They are characterized by resistance to light, chemical and biological factors. It is characterized by high air permeability, does not absorb water, is susceptible to washing at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

Polyester cushion:

The quilt and pillows are made of a fabric with a dense weave, which guarantees that the filling does not pass. They ensure pleasant and healthy sleep, protect against mites and bacteria.

The cushions are filled with polyester fiber 64mm long, not siliconized, they are antiallergic, when using the cushions they do not clump, they retain their fluffiness for a long time. Pillows should not be washed too often.

Half down pillow

This cushion combines the softness of down with feather elasticity. For most of our clients it is the optimal choice.

Product Details:

Fabric: down-tight antiallergic cotton
input: hemlock obtained from the Polish goose

DeLux down cushion

Very soft and elastic pillow 100% down

Product Details:

fabric: down-tight anti-allergic white or cream cotton
input: white goose down

Wool cushion

Wool is ideal for allergy sufferers – it does not irritate the skin, it is breathable. The PILLOW fill is made of wool with a touch of sheep’s wool. Wool maintains a constant body temperature during sleep, guarantees excellent ventilation without loss of heat. It is suitable for every season of the year. Provides warmth in the winter, and in the summer prevents the body from overheating. It absorbs and maintains large amounts of moisture, including human sweat.

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