The offer is directed to hotels, motels, boarding houses, holiday homes, etc.

Products from this offer can be divided into three categories:

  • Gold premium is a class of the highest quality products addressed to customers who value the quality and performance of the entire range of bed linen. The raw materials used in this category are of the highest quality and meet all requirements and standards. The entire range can be washed at 95 degrees Celsius. Along with the order we provide certificates of fabrics and fillings used in the assortment.
  • Silver premium is a class of products addressed to less demanding customers but also who value quality and accuracy of execution, some of these products can be operated at 90 degrees and others at 60 degrees Celsius
  • Premium is a product class targeted at companies such as employee hotels, lodging houses, where the price of products is what counts. Products in this category can be washed only at temperatures from 40 to 60 degrees, or some elements of the range such as pillows should not be washed at all or in very delicate programs.

We offer, among others:

  • quilts and pillows
  • duvet covers, pillows and sheets
  • waterproof sheets and pillow covers
  • disposable sheets
  • waterproof mattress covers
  • Mattress covers made of knitted cotton and polyester
  • Mattress covers made of interlining (wigofil)

We can sew any size to your individual requirements


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